The new “Venturi Powered” Cleaning Heads from A&A Manufacturing is the easiest and most effective way to enjoy a flawlessly clean swimming pool while barely lifting a finger. It saves you time and money by cleaning much more efficiently and thoroughly than other cleaning systems.


How? The new G4 Cleaning Heads consist of powerful sets of cleaning heads that are placed in key areas throughout the floor of your pool. The one-of-a-kind head design is what makes the G4 Cleaning Heads so unique and powerful. Compared to other in-floor systems, the G4 Cleaning Heads generate 23% more flow. This creates supercharge streams of water that carry dirt and debris to the main drain for faster removal. All of this is done without any increase in pump power.

With its remarkable cleaning radius, the G4 Cleaning Heads deliver 33% broader coverage than other out-of-date in-floor systems. This means only a few cleaning heads are needed throughout the pool, so you will pay less for a system that delivers a faster and more meticulous cleaning.